About Us



Reiki helps promote healing and assists you in balancing your physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual well-being. 

Whether or not you select to have a Reiki session, a reading or a combination of both, Reiki will help you manifest well-being, peace and positivity.



I read the symbols of tarot together with an emphasis on tapping into my intuition.  I am mostly claircognisant (I know) and an empath (I feel).  Sometimes I see (clairvoyance) and hear (clairaudience) and I can tune in to those who have passed (mediumship).

I learned reading the tarot (Marseille deck) in Geneva in my early twenties and I have regularly add new decks which include Rider Waite, Wild Wood, Oracles, Angels, etc.

Before a reading, I meditate, focus and bring your energies to mind. 

I have also taken helpful online courses from amasing teachers and mentors: Pam Coronado (psychic detective) and Gordon Smith (mediumship).

With Reiki, mentors are Cindi McCormick and Jacqui Bushell (Awareness Institute, Sydney).

I am originally from Switzerland, I have lived in the UK and currently I am based in Sydney, Australia. 

Readings/Reiki available in English or French.